My work in missions

My missions assignment supports and provides resources for AGWM International Ministries. My knowledge and expertise in graphics, audiovisual media, technology, computers, and the Internet have helped these ministries over my nearly four decades in world missions.

Here are a number of things I work on:


• Create and manage multiple websites for IM ministries, helping people interested in these ministries and those desiring to serve on short-term teams or longer assignments.

• Add and manage new training resources in multiple languages on the Global Children's Ministries Network website.

• Provide print-ready children's ministry resources for AGWM missionaries worldwide.

• Resource and support the nine IM ministries with materials, technical support, research, social media, and semi-annual reports to the AG World Missions Board.

• Provide technical support, graphic design, AV oversight, and management of annual and biennial IM events, including training conferences, retreats, General Councils, World Missions Summits, ChiAlpha conferences, and compassion forums.

• Develop and prepare new ministry workers for missions assignments with our International Ministries.

• Follow up and mentor students expressing an interest to serve in missions with IM at annual university events and AG World Missions Summits.

• Help people interested in becoming new workers for the harvest fields from conversations started at General Council and other local and national events.

• Perhaps God is calling you! Check out dozens of IM ministry opportunities on the AGWM Wide Open Missions website.

• Member of several private/closed groups on social media and elsewhere for caregivers supporting a family member with special needs, providing experience and suggestions for others.

• Assisted the AG Center for the Blind for 20 years as a reader as well as digitizing their materials originally stored on cassette tapes.

• Orally read into audio format Global University and Berean School of the Bible materials.

• Was the voice for Influence Magazine and several AG Sunday school quarterlies.

• Digitized 450 courses and books that CftB received ongoing requests.

How you can support and partner with me

I would love to have you be part of my support team and partnering to reach the world with the gospel through AGWM International Ministries. Would you consider joining and helping me? It would be a blessing to me personally, as well as God's harvest. He works through people just like you!

Assemblies of God World Missions requires missionaries to raise their personal and ministry support—I do not receive a salary from the denominational headquarters. I depend upon the faithful monthly support and periodic or occasional financial gifts from churches and individuals that believe in my ministry in missions.

You can choose to either make a one-time gift or support me each month with your regular giving. All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law. If you would like to support me, change the amount or timing of your existing support, or to contribute a one-time gift, either use the contact form at the bottom of this website or click here to go to the AG Giving website. Thank you so much!


Dr. JoAnn Butrin—Director, AGWM International Ministries
"As Neil and I sat at the table together, talking about his possible involvement with IM, there was almost a holy hush that came over us. We were near tears as we realized that the talents and skills that he has been blessed with were exactly what were needed in IM. How good God is to open the doors at the right time. Since Neil has come on board, our ability to promote and enable ministries has grown by leaps and bounds. I now wonder what we would have done had God not brought Neil to IM!"

Rev. Randy Hurst—AGWM Development Director
"It was my privilege to have Neil work with us. He now serves our International Ministries, which serve our mission throughout the world. Neil is not only exceptionally capable but also highly committed to the cause of world evangelization. I recommend Neil without reservation to our churches for whatever help and support you can give him. He is a faithful servant in the cause of world missions."

Rev. Dan Betzer—(Ret.) Pastor, First Assembly of God, Fort Myers FL
"Neil is a proven front-line soldier of the Cross. His work has enhanced so many missions entities. My dear pastor colleague, Neil is urgently needed on the front lines now! Please consider undergirding him with your financial support. Your church will be making an eternal investment with guaranteed incredible dividends."

Dr. Chuck Wilson—SAGU & AGWM Africa
"Neil worked with me at Global University for several years. The amazing thing about Neil was that he can do so many things. Neil's gift is coming alongside a ministry and providing skills no one else has. I know of no other person like Neil who can do so many tasks and do them well. If we are going to reach the world with limited personnel and resources, we need more Neils! Supporting him is a cost-effective and strategic way of helping AGWM fulfill its task of reaching the world."

Rev. Steve Powell—Peninsular FL District Council Secretary
"I have known Neil for many years. I have found him to be dedicated and committed to the call of missions. He has a heart after God. I believe your investment in his ministry through your monthly support is well worth the eternal reward. We desperately need all types of missionaries to fulfill the Great Commission. Do not let your lack of support keep this valuable family and ministry from accomplishing what God has intended and called them to do!"

Rev. Ted Cederblom—Pastor, Life360 Church, Springfield MO
"As a pastor personally acquainted with Neil, I want to encourage you to financially support this wonderful missionary family. This is a family that is passionate about the harvest. Neil is making a difference in missions, so our church simply had to make a monthly pledge! Neil is a wonderful harvest worker with a single focus of spreading the gospel. Thanks for joining me as part of the Ruda Team of churches that are making a difference!"


How long has Neil been a missionary?
I began serving in missions in 1982 at Western Michigan Teen Challenge, a Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation ministry. I then served for 5 years as a short-term missionary at STAR Ministries (Spanish Television And Radio), and was appointed as a career (lifelong) missionary by Assemblies of God World Missions in 1988.

Are AG missionaries paid a salary?
No, the AG is a "faith" organization, which means that missionaries believe by faith that God will supply our needs each month through the faithful giving of churches and individuals. We do not receive a salary, so we need friends and churches to help us.

What are some things people can do to help the Ruda Family?
PRAY. It is through the prayers of God's people that I can be effective at what I do and that the unique family challenges I face can be successfully navigated.
HELP. There are times when particular ministry items are needed, especially since so much of what he does involves technology. Drop me an email or message to see if there are things I need.
GIVE. I am not fully funded at this time. It would be a tremendous blessing if you sense God leading you to support me each month or on an occasional basis.

Who are the Assemblies of God?
The Assemblies of God is the fastest growing, largest Pentecostal denomination in the world. Founded in 1914, the AG is an evangelical denomination believing that salvation is only through accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

How does someone become an AG missionary?
First, pray. The AG never recruits missionaries. Instead, as men and women sense the call of God on their lives, they go through a rigorous process that usually takes a year or more. Following the official appointment, missionaries itinerate to raise their support before heading to their field of service.

What are the nine International Ministries?
Builders International—BI seeks to impact the spread of the gospel around the world by building Bible institutes, training centers, and other vital evangelism centers in every nation.
CompassionLink—CL provides resources, training, and information for those involved in compassion ministries. CL networks ministries and individuals, and facilitates efforts to share Christ's love with the world.
Global Initiative—GI works to equip the Church to reach Muslims and to mobilize church planting teams among Muslim peoples.
Global University—GU is a world online, distance education pioneer, providing education and service in 150 countries. GU enables anyone, anywhere, access to evangelism and discipleship materials, and ministerial training.
Jacob's Hope—JH works around the world bringing hope to the Jewish people by providing them humanitarian and medical aid, and sharing the good news of Messiah.
Life Publishers—LP is the AGWM foreign language publisher. Materials include curriculum, textbooks, magazines, devotionals, tracts, and the FireBible.
Network211—N211 is focused on global evangelism/discipleship via the Internet. It is a global community of believers partnering to use 21st century technology to communicate the 1st century gospel.
Oral Learners Initiative—OLI reaches out to oral learners around the world with innovative ways to spread the Gospel and make disciples.
Royal Rangers International—RRI provides ways for boys and girls to discover a personal relationship with Jesus. Ministry methods include camping, first aid, crafts, nature study, sports, and Bible study.

Interests and hobbies

I (Neil) enjoy all aspects of fitness, bodybuilding, and nutrition. I have held licenses as an ISSA-certified personal fitness trainer. I love relaxing with a steaming cup of freshly brewed Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and listening to music of all genres. This likely is due to being involved in leading worship and production/projection for much of my life. I volunteer in AV/Media at my local church. For relaxation I love reading novels, suspense, history, documentaries. And, of course, I enjoy anything and everything related to computers and technology.

Derek loves playing Xbox and Nintendo Switch games, as well as playing sports, including Miracle League baseball. He enjoys watching videos, especially ScoobyDoo and SpongeBob. He likes to draw and help with our yardwork.

Kelly enjoys writing and journaling, drawing, and DIY arts and crafts. She's like her dad—she loves reading novels, cooking, and trying new recipes. She is addicted to podcasts, especially those involving true crime stories.

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